The founder of this site is retired and living in a small beach town in Southern California. 

He developed this problem solving strategy while dealing with a number of his own problems including his dying father, a failing relationship, unmanageable debt and loss of his home. 

Over the last 20 years he has helped many clients with problems as an independent consultant and continues to do so at this time. 

Believing that this Problem Solving Strategy can help anyone deal with the difficult situations, obstacles and circumstances that we all must face during the course of our lives he has setup this website. 

This belief was confirmed by James P Walker, a Psychologist and former Professor from USC who said... "This Problem Solving Strategy is useful to help people think clearly about their problems." and Jane Bauer, a Psychologist in Private Practice in Los Angeles, who said..."The clarity of this strategy guides the user towards a more focused view of their difficulties. 

A National Poll conducted at this time revealed that less than 4% of the respondents had a clear understanding of a problem. When asked the multiple choice question... "How would you best describe the meaning of the word problem?...A-a question B-a difficult situation C-an obstacle D-a set of circumstances or E-something else." The results were that..."Most people (over 96% of the respondents) described a problem as a difficult situation, set of circumstances, obstacle or other and not as a question." 

Later he discovered a quote by Albert Einstein who said..."The formulation of the problem is often more essential than the solution..