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I have used this strategy

“ I have used this strategy to make better decisions many times in areas of my personal and business life, and it allows me to really look at the problem from many different angles” says Robert O’ Brien.

This problem solving strategy

“This problem solving strategy has made if possible for me to overcome a most difficult situation and be able to continue my life without worrying about the patients who may have been left without treatment,” says Dr Craven Kurz.

I was able to resolve

“I was able to resolve a complex real estate business conflict using this strategy after I had spent thousands of dollars on legal fees,” says Patrick Conti.

With this new understanding

“With this new understanding I was able to successfully rent most of my vacant apartments in a very soft rental market in New York City”, says Fred Ziess.

I was able to sell

 “ I was able to sell my partner my interest  in a condominium in Hollywood when I could not find a buyer with the help of this new understanding,” says Elenor Defelice.

I used this strategy

“I used this strategy to help a friend settle a personal injury claim after being involved in hit and run accident in Los Angeles.” says Stephen Foy.

I settled a personal injury claim

“ I settled a personal injury claim for $2,500, when I could not find and attorney using this strategy”, says James west.

I got a letter

“ I got a letter from the IRS demanding over $40,000 and settled the matter for $1,500 with the help of  this strategy.” says Michael Rhoads.

I collected a $30,000 settlement

“ I collected a $30,000 settlement in business matter after my attorney told me I did not have a case,” says Dr Jack McGroarty.

This strategy enabled me

“This strategy enabled me to reduce the mortgage broker fees by $10,000 when I would not have had enough proceeds for my divorce settlement,” says Dr Jack McGroarty.

I was able to delay the close

"I was able to delay the close of an escrow until the next year saving me quite a bit of money in taxes,” says Linda Cazeaux."

Using this strategy

“ Using this strategy, I earned a substantial profit in the Purchase and sale of a property in lake tahoe even though I was disapproved for a loan because of my bad credit.” says Michael Rhoads.

I was able to secure

“ I was able to secure a lease for my auto body shop with bad credit using this strategy.” says Vic milojevic.

When my dream car

“When my dream car became a nightmare I was able to get the dealer to take it back and give me a new car, using this strategy,” says Kathleen Rowsey.

I used this strategy to get

“ I used this strategy to get the IRS to reverse a $500 penalty by writing a letter,” says Stephen Foy"

I collected a $12,000

“ I collected a $12,000 debt from a former business associate with the help of this strategy,” says Michel Rhoads.